Looking out for the rights and benefits of Oregon’s retired public employees...


Your voice at the Oregon Legislature.

A Brief History of OPRI

OPR-PAC is the political wing of OPRI, and the only political action committee in Oregon that solely looks out for the rights and benefits of retired public-employees.

  • Our current directors of OPR-PAC are Steve Kunke, Greg Monahan, Jay Osborne, and Bob Oleson.

Contributions are used to pay lobbyists to represent member interests before the Legislature during sessions and in the interim between sessions. Occasionally, OPRI will lobby PERS about proposed rule-making, policies and procedures on behalf of our members and retirees.

During election years, member contributions may also be used to support legislative candidates who share our commitment to protect your rights and benefits.

OPR-PAC has been instrumental in fighting benefit cuts and changes to the COLA in the past legislative sessions, and is committed to supporting candidates that support the well-being of retired public employees.