OPRI Legal Fund

Looking out for the rights and benefits of Oregon’s retired public employees...

Oregon Public Retirees Litigation Fund:

The Oregon Public Retirees Litigation Fund (OPRLF) was created by OPRI in the early 1990s to fund the legal and other costs associated with the various lawsuits involving PERS changes made by either PERS or the Legislature.

OPRI became a member of the PERS Coalition in 2006.As part of the PERS Coalition, we are expected to fund our share of legal costs and so far we have ben able to do so. Our role in current and future legal actions will continue to be funded by member contributions in what has become a protracted battle. OPRI’s share of current legal fees is based on our membership in proportion to the membership of all organizations in the coalition.

OPRI has not asked for contributions to our Litigation Fund in recent years because we recovered attorney fees from some prior lawsuits.


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