History of OPRI

Looking out for the rights and benefits of Oregon's retired public employees.

In May 2015, OPRI passed a milestone in the 24-year mark since incorporation by its three original directors. Bill Holtsclaw, a retired Oregon state forester; Chuck Fredrickson, a retired Oregon highway construction engineer; and retired Oregon State Assistant Attorney General Jack Sollis created OPRI in 1991.

Sollis served as the secretary-treasurer from the beginning until his health began to fail. His home also served as the office, headquarters and meeting place for the OPRI board through all the early years. He died in May 2007. Fredrickson died in 2003 and Holtsclaw pre-deceased him.

After the creation of OPRI, by-laws were adopted and four more board members were added. (Current by-laws also are posted on this page.) The additional board members were Ted deLooze, another retired Oregon State Assistant Attorney General; Neal Fisher, an executive department official; Ed Schroeder, another retired Oregon state forester; and Arno Denecke, a retired Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court. (A list of current board members is posted on this page.)

OPRI membership dues started at $5 a year in 1991 and remained at that level until 2011. A lifetime membership also is available . (See Membership for current dues information)

Soon after it was formed, OPRI established a political action committee and contracted with one of the state’s leading lobbying firms to represent active and retired OPRI/PERS members before the Legislature and with the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). The PAC is funded by member contributions and, as provided for all PACs, contributors receive a tax credit from the state.

The board also created a Litigation Fund (see below) that, over the years, has filed or cooperated with other PERS-impacted organizations in filing court challenges to legislation and rules that adversely effect members of the system.

In 2006, OPRI became a member of the PERS Coaltion which also has been fighting battles on behalf of PERS members. The coalition consists of a number of organizations representing public employees and retirees.