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2009 Purchasing Power Study – May 2009.pdf
Analysis of PERS Cost Allocation, Benefit Modification, System Financing Concepts – December 2010.pdf
Analysis of PERS Cost Allocation, Benefit Modification, System Financing Concepts – January 2013.pdf
Board Meeting materials – January 2006.pdf
City of Eugene recommended settlement.pdf
Cleary  Presentation OSU Retirement Association – March 2008.pdf
Economic Assumptions – April 2012.pdf
Economic Impact Study – PERS – January 2009.pdf
Estimate Impact – April 2012.pdf
Eugene – EWEB settlement agreement.pdf
Frequently Asked Questions -  Release of Work After Retirement Data – Feb. 7, 2012.pdf
Frequently Asked Questions – Data Verification – June, 2011.pdf
House Bill 2003 Technical Issues.pdf
Investment Returns Assumptions – April 2012.pdf
Oregon PERS Financial Modeling Economic Projections – May 2009.pdf
Oregon PERS Pre-retirement Guide – December 2007.pdf
Oregon Public Employees’ Retirement System Experience Study for December 32, 2008 Actuarial Valuation – May 2009.pdf
PERS at a glance – February 2012.pdf
PERS at a glance – September 2013.pdf
PERS at a glance – October, 2010.pdf
PERS by the Numbers – April 2012.pdf
PERS by the Numbers – August 2010.pdf
PERS by the Numbers – June 2007.pdf
PERS by the Numbers – May 2010.pdf
PERS by the Numbers – Feb. 28, 2012.pdf
PERS by the Numbers – February 2011.pdf
PERS by the numbers – January 2009.pdf
PERS by the Numbers -July 23, 2013.pdf
PERS by the Numbers -Nov. 2011.pdf
Pers By The Numbers- Feb, 2013.pdf
PERS E-Board Request – April 2012.pdf
PERS Economic Impact Study – July, 2010.pdf
PERS Facts – September 2012.pdf
PERS Posting on Kantor Opinion – June 2008.pdf
PERS Response to Strunk Letter – 2005.pdf
Purchasing Power Study 2006 -June 2007.pdf
Purchasing Power Study by Mercer – 2008 – June 2008.pdf
Strunk – Eugene Implementation schedule – 2007.pdf
Strunk – Eugene – FAQ about implementation.pdf
Strunk -Eugene Policy Issues.pdf
Strunk-Eugene Overpayment Recovery Memo – March 19, 2012.pdf
Supreme Court Cases and Decisions 2005-2011 – Feb. 11, 2012.pdf
Tax Remedy Elimination for Certain Benefit Recipients (Senate Bill 822).pdf