Archive of court documents related to Oregon PERS.

Arken – Robinson June 2007.pdf
Arken-Robinson Supreme Court Decision – Oct. 6, 2011.pdf
Breach of Contract suit- Jan 2006 amended complaint.pdf
City of Eugene v. PERB – June, 2006.pdf
Court Consolidates Arken and Robinson – July 15, 2011.pdf
Court of Appeals Kay Bell Decision – 12-1-10.pdf
Hartman motion to vacate Lipscomb.pdf
Henderson decision handed down..pdf
Kay Bell Order Denying  Review – 4-11-2011.pdf
Kay Bell Petition for Review – 1-5-2011.pdf
Lipscomb Ruling & final judgment – Jan 2003.pdf
Lipscomb Ruling final judgment& opinion – Oct. 2002.pdf
Memorandum in Support of MSJ (8-23-06).pdf
Opinion and Order in Consolidated PERS Cases – White – (6-11-09).pdf
Opinion and Orders in Related PERS Cases – Re Motions for Clarification and Summary Judgment (5-24-08).pdf
Order Certifying Arken to Supreme Court – 10-19-10.pdf
PERB Public Records Complaint Marion County – 10-18-10..pdf
PERB Response to Robinson – 2006.pdf
PERS Answer to Statesman Journal Request for Retiree Information, Marion County – 12-14-10.pdf
Petition for Direct Review (second amended) – December 6, 2013..pdf
Petition for Judicial Review in Marion County Circuit Court – Nov. 4, 2011.pdf
Petition for reconsideration – Nov. 2, 2011.pdf
Petition for Review of Repayment method – May 2006.pdf
Plaintiffs Memorandum in Support of Petition for Injunction -November 7, 2011.pdf
Plaintiff’s motion for Clarification of Arken Ruling (07-13-07).pdf
Robinson reconsideration denied – Dec. 31, 2011.pdf
Sartain v PERB – OPRI’s part of the Strunk case.pdf
Signed Settlement Agreement – PERS v Oregonian-Statesman – Sept 13, 2011.pdf
Strunk Decision (7-20-06).pdf
Supreme Court decision – Strunk v PERB.pdf
Supreme Court Opinion on Motion to Disqualify – Jan. 16, 2014.pdf
Supreme Court Ruling – Lipscomb appeal August 2005.pdf
Supreme Court Scheduling Order – Dec. 18, 2013.pdf
White Case Affidavit of Aruna A. Marsh in Support of Plaintiffs’ Motion for Order Striking Declaration of Sharon Rudnick – (08-19-08).pdf
White case gets partial remand – Dec. 31, 2011.pdf
White Case Respondent Public Employees Retirement Board’s Corrected Motion for Summary Judgment and Memorandum in Support Thereof – (08-19-08).pdf
White vs. PERS pending case against PERB for breach of fiduciary duty.pdf