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Safeguarding current and future PERS retiree interests

Oregon PERS Retirees, Inc. (OPRI) is a non-profit organization of retired and current public agency employees from the state, counties, cities, and school districts of Oregon. As public employees, PERS members provide vital services to Oregon citizens in public safety, human services, education, natural resources, and transportation. As retirees, many of our members continue to serve as volunteers to aid community programs throughout the state.

OPRI strives to look out for retirement issues of all types of both classified and non-classified public employees and retirees. Membership may include retired administrative assistants, food service workers, engineers, teachers, school administrators, researchers, university professors, attorneys, judges, program managers, road maintenance workers, caseworkers, and prison guards.

OPRI provides current, relevant and factual information to PERS workers and retirees about issues that impact their retirement. For more information, click on the pages listed above, and visit often to see the latest What’s Happening – News. If you are an active or retired member of the Public Employees Retirement System we invite you to become a member of OPRI. To join, click on “Membership” above.

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